Presents for Payton’s Angels

Make a difference this holiday season to a family that needs your help. Families that have a child with brain cancer struggle to pay their bills while caring for their children during treatment. Holiday presents come second to basic needs, but we want to help make this Christmas one to remember for all the children in these families. “Adopt” an entire family, a child get one gift or donate for us to help purchase these presents.

Please make sure all items are delivered by December 13th.


Caylin’s Family

3 Children

“Since Caylin was diagnosed in August of 2017 our life her family’s life has been thrown some curve balls. Her mom has not been able to work because she was at home to care for Caylin full time. Her dad works 5 days a week but it is difficult living pay check to pay check and not getting any assistance with food and other household things.”


Girl - Age 15

List Completed!

  • Checkerboard Vans

  • Nike Joggers

  • Adidas T-Shirt

  • Skinny Jeans

  • Eye shadow Palettes


Boy - Age 7

List Completed!

  • Razor Rip Rider

  • Boxer Interactive A.I. Robot Toy

  • Clothing

  • Hello Neighbor X-Box Game

  • Under Armour Shoes


Girl - Age 15

List Completed!

  • White Vans

  • Adidas Foam Shoes

  • Skinny Jeans

  • Converse heritage long-sleeve shirt

  • American Eagle Shirt

Mya’s Family

2 Children


“Sweet little Mya was diagnosed with a brain tumor in March. After surgery to remove some of the mass she remained admitted for recovery until transitioning to an inpatient rehab facility in April. Unfortunately, Mya’s tumor continued to grow and in September she began receiving weekly chemotherapy.”


Boy - Age 12


  • Fitbit Alta - Black

  • Logitech C930e 1080p HD video webcam

  • HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

  • Eastshining Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

  • Giftcards to buy stuff for gaming


Girl - Age 3


  • Leap Start 3D with extra books to go with it

  • Vampirina Bat-Tastic talking & Wolfie Doll

  • Vampirina Fangtastic friends set

  • Leap Reader learn to read mega pack (10 books)

  • Just Play vampirina play house

  • Shoes and jewelry box boutique - little girl play gift set


Nicole’s Family

2 Children

“Since diagnosis, I have had multiple surgeries and procedures. We have been in and out of the hospital multiple times. I have had to also learn basic bodily functions over again due to a chemotherapy drug I took. I am currently still battling little diagnoses here and there…. My mother was also diagnosed with cancer and has had to pay out of her pocket on every account. She had to take a year off from her job to stay home to help take care of me.”


Boy - Age 13

  • Ukulele

  • Musical Keyboard

  • Wireless headphones

  • Ukulele Case

  • Xbox gift card

  • 3 Month xbox gold

  • Farming simulation 2019 for Nextone


Girl - Age 15

  • Vera Bradley Set

  • Gigantic Stitch Plushie - from Lilo & Stitch

  • Pandora Ring size 7.5

  • iTunes gift cards

Gunner’s Family

2 Children


“On October 1, 2015 our three year old “healthy” son was diagnosed with a brain tumor with no warning. That day was followed by a scary 28 day hospital stay that included 3 brain surgeries and many other procedures. A port was also placed and chemotherapy shortly followed. What we thought would be 1 year of treatment has continued for over three years. He has had growth of his tumor twice, despite treatment. Today we are winning and his tumor has been under control and shrinking for the last year due to his current treatment, an amazing doctor, and God’s grace.

Our son’s needs have been great since diagnosis, including many therapies and other special needs due to his vision impairment caused by the tumor. He also has endocrine issues requiring annual surgery and frequent MRI’s and doctor visits. We are thrilled with how far he has come and count our many blessing daily. Unfortunately, it has greatly changed our financial situation, taking us from a 2 income family to one. Our son’s needs are our greatest priority and we have managed but it is tough. We can’t thank you enough for your help. It will certainly brighten our holiday. “


Girl - Age 13

  • Makeup vanity for teenager - (Amazon Basics vanity set with stool)

  • 5x7 (or similar) colorful “tribal” rug to match blue room

  • Play Station 4 Remote Control

  • Bluetooth headphones for teenager


Boy- Age 7

  • Razor Deltawing Scooter

  • Matchbox Mission: Marine Rescue Shark Ship

  • LED Harry Potter Magic wand with case

  • Laser Pegs Green Monster - Light-up Building Blocks Playset

  • Hexbug Spider XL

Kriseya’s Family

3 Children

“Kriseya was diagnosed with a large, inoperable brain tumor in January of 2015. She was admitted to the PICU and went through surgery for a shunt placement and biopsy. The next 3 years have been a series of PICU stays, traveling to different specialists, chemo treatments, a feeding tube placement, a blood transfusion, ER visits and MRIs. During this we lost our home in a fire. The closest treatment facility is more than 300 miles away requiring us to relocate for over 6 weeks. During this almost 4 year journey, maintaining a steady income has been impossible.

The recent relocation and many trips to out of town specialists has produced a serious financial hardship. Thank you so much for considering our children during this Christmas Season and helping to provide joy and relief.”


Girl- Age 14

List Completed!

  • Soda Stream Kit

  • 3D printing pen kit with filaments

  • Ice cream maker

  • Canvases for painting (larger than 8x10)

  • Acrylic paint (as much as possible in a variety of colors)


Boy- Age 17

List Completed!

  • Anime Studio Pro II (Software for PC animation)

  • Xbox Live 1 year subscription

  • Xbox one S Wireless controller in blue

  • Huion H610 graphic drawing tablet w/ carrying bag & glove

  • Fosmon Xbox one controller charger high speed docking station w/ 2 battery packs


Boy- Age 8

List Completed!

  • Drone with video recording capabilities

  • Xbox Live 1 year subscription

  • Google Play Gift Card

  • Set of Nerf Gun pistols or smaller nurf guns

  • Extra Nurf bullets

Daneaja’s Family

3 Children

“November 2017 was extremely hard when we found out that my daughter, Daneaja (who once was a cheerleader)had a massive ependymoma tumor. .From November until now, Daneaja has had a total of 8 surgeries and has lost her hearing completely on the right side. During the time Daneaja was in the hospital I lost my job because I was taking care of her and learning how to care for her when we returned home, so I couldn’t pay my bills. When I finally got caught up she went into the hospital again to get a spinal infusion and that just set me back again.”


Girl- Age 10

List Completed!

  • Nintendo 2DS

  • DVD Player

  • Vtech Kidizoom DX2 Smartwatch

  • Project MC2 Ultimate Lab Kit


Girl- Age 8

List Completed!

  • Refurbished Apple iPad 3 - White

  • Sega Genesis Ultimate Portable

  • vTech Kidizoom DX2 Smartwatch Pink

  • Project MC2 Crayon Makeup Science kit

  • Bestope Makeup vanity mirror


Boy- Age 6

List Completed!

  • vTech Kidi Buzz in Blue

  • 4 Piece Kids Furniture set - Avengers

  • vTech Kidizoom DX2 Smartwatch in Blue

  • Yezi RC Car 360 Rotating Stunt climbing

  • Spider Man Figural Chair

Taylor’s Family

2 Children

“We were an average family. One graduated son out of the house, one daughter getting ready to start her senior year of high school and our youngest son getting ready to start the 10th grade. Over the summer, our youngest child Taylor started having vision problems. We took him to the eye doctor who told us to go to the ER at Shands. In August he was diagnosed with a mass in his brain. He was admitted and they operated on him only being able to remove between 20 and 30 percent of the mass.

He woke up about a week later and through a lot of hard work by him, he was able to leave the hospital to an in-patient rehab program for about a week and finally released to go home still having to do out-patient therapy.

About a month later we were told he would have to go through chemotherapy and possibly radiation. This is what we are currently enduring. My wife and I stayed with our son throughout the whole process. Both being there every day and alternating every other night, trying to keep our home and daughter’s life somewhat normal.

With a lot of support from our family, friends and my wife’s co-workers, we were able to spend our time with our son, but it has created a burden on us financially. We are behind on a few bills but we are trying to manage as best we can. We are a normal family just trying to get back to normal”



Girl- Age 17

List Completed!

  • TJ Maxx Gift Card for Clothing

  • Forever 21 Gift Card for Clothing

  • Michaels Gift Card for Art Supply

  • Shelly Cove Bohemian Jewel Peacock Long Sleeve Tee

  • Pura Vida Bracelets - Dreaming Aloud Pack


Boy - Age 15

List Completed!

  • Favorite Casting Rod


You can choose to buy one gift or all gifts for selected child. If that child has already had gifts purchased there will be another gift assigned. Specifics of each gift with links will be emailed to you shortly after your fill out the form. Thank you for helping us with this new program!