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Patrick and I would like to thank our board of directors, executive director, donors, and our amazing volunteers for all the support that has been given to Payton’s foundation over the past eleven years. Thanks to all of you, 93% of our expenses are directed to programs. We have increased assistance to families by 300%, allowing us to help them for longer periods of time. In addition, the foundation added four new hospitals and completed strategic planning sessions to hone the mission and set goals for the future of PWF.

Our passion and joy come from helping families who are faced with financial and emotional decisions that come with a child’s diagnosis of cancer. Patrick and I have experienced the fight first-hand with our daughter, Payton, and we want to enable families to solely focus on the health of their child.

We cannot express how something as simple as a gas card or a rent check can make the difference economically for a family. We assist families at hospitals, both locally and nationally, and would not be able to do so without the generosity of supporters like you. Your compassion is our inspiration. Thank you! You have made a real difference in the lives of the families we assist.

Our Sincere Gratitude,

Holly and Patrick Wright

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When a child is diagnosed with brain cancer he/she usually requires weekly or daily treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and/or proton therapy. Often the hospital is not close to the family’s home, which causes a problem with transportation and work obligations. In many cases at least one parent has to either take a leave from work or quit his/her job.


Without that income, they struggle to pay their household bills while being at the hospital. We work to ease this burden on families so they can keep their focus on their sick child. Cancer does not discriminate against age, race, or socio-economic status. The Payton Wright Foundation works through social workers in hospitals and treatment facilities to identify those families in need of support.


Partner Hospitals

  • Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

  • UF Health/Shand’s Children’s Hospital

  • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

  • The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

  • Duke Pediatric Brain Tumor Center

  • Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital

  • Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital

  • University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

  • Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital

  • Texas Children’s Hospital

  • Virginia Commonwealth University Children’s Hospital of Richmond

  • Children’s Hospital Colorado

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Addison was diagnosed with a rare pediatric brain cancer in 2017. She underwent surgery after surgery and numerous chemotherapy treatments before she turned one. Since Addi needed around the clock care, her mom, Erica, had to quit her job to be a caretaker. Money was tight and Addi’s health took a turn. Her family needed assistance with paying bills and relocating. They had no way of supporting themselves without intervention.

“A social worker introduced us to The Payton Wright Foundation... The chemo treatments alone were around $30,000 and there were some things insurance didn’t cover. The Payton Wright Foundation paid a majority of our bills for the 19 months that Addi was in treatment. They paid for our gas and electricity bills. They paid for our food. They also helped relocating us when we realized her cancer had come back. Without The Payton Wright

Foundation, I don’t know where we would be with our finances and if we would have been able to spend those 19 months with Addi or the last few weeks before she passed away. It means more than I can ever describe.”

~Erica Crews (Addi’s Mom)

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There are countless thank yous owed to our incredibly generous and committed donors, sponsors, vendors, contributors, volunteers, fundraisers, and friends. Because of you, we were able to increase the amount of assistance given to families, allowing them to be with their child for as long as needed. To have so many individuals, companies, and families supporting our mission and making a lasting impact is a true gift.

Thanks to It Works Global and the It Works Gives Back Foundation for the incredible gas card and Payton’s Angels bag drives. Thanks also to the ladies who crocheted and knitted hats and blankets with love for children in the hospital.

We also would like to thank The Junior League of Sarasota, Cardel Homes, Silk Road Sourcing, Scullers Draft House, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Sarasota Kennel Club, the Sarasota Community Foundation, the Patterson Foundation, the Lightning Foundation, the Pentecost Foundation and Intermedia Productions for your continued generosity in funding our programs.


Patrick Wright (Chair) | Holly Wright (Vice Chair)

Cole Collins (Secretary) | Mike Allen | Kym Berceau

Steve Cavanaugh | Jack Collins, Jr. | Eric Fleming | Jordan Fleming

Keith Martin | Keith Mercier |Robert Morelli, M.D. | Brian Porter

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Meg Lokey (Executive Director)

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