You don’t have to be a big spender to make a big difference. The Payton Wright Foundation is asking its supporters to participate in the new DOLLAR DAY campaign. Through this campaign, donors agree to give one dollar per month to help support pediatric brain cancer research initiatives and assist families of children with brain cancer. Just imagine how quickly the dollars will add up as more and more people register to give one dollar per month!

Funding Facts:

One of The Payton Wright Foundation’s biggest contributions is gas cards and here’s why:
There are approximately 65 pediatric neuro oncologists practicing medicine in the entire nation. Families of children with brain cancer spend a lot of time on the road in order for their children to be seen by the appropriate specialist. Fuel costs can add up quickly especially for those who live far away from the doctor.

The Payton Wright Foundation pays rent and mortgage bills, utilities, phone bills and other household living expenses. Families often experience a significant decrease in income when children are diagnosed with brain cancer. Parents find themselves working less or not at all in order to provide their children with around the clock care. Financial assistance provided by The Payton Wright Foundation enables families to focus on their children’s health without worrying about mounting bills.

Hospitals call on us. We have established relationships with case workers at hospitals nationwide who identify families in need of financial assistance and connect them with The Payton Wright Foundation. The foundation makes payments directly to debtors (mortgage companies, utility providers, etc.) in order to ensure donated funding is applied where intended.

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